The Ultimate in: Design Simplicity; and, Power Density (power to weight ratio); and, Versatility; and, Mechanical and Thermal Efficiencies.






The UFPE being the "ULTIMATE" free piston engine or being the maximum possible perhaps in both mechanical efficiency and in thermal efficiency for a single cycle process and in performance simplicity, which has been the quest of Physicist and Inventor Robert D. Hunt to perfect for over 12 years. During which time he had been associated with a number of companies that have, along with Mr. Hunt, made substantial investments in its development (see the free piston engine "Development" pages for greater detail.


Among it's many promising features are:


  • Extremely high power density with compression ratios greater than 24 to 1, having one of the highest power to weight ratios of any engine ever built, especially in regard to being a "production run engine" instead of a specific  built racing engine; and,
  • Amazing versatility, being able to run on virtually any fuel known, which excels in the use of natural gas or hydrogen gas, which it can draw in without prior pressurization; and,
  • Can be driven by any pressurized fluid (including corrosive, high pressure and multi-phase fluids discharged from oil and gas wells) that include air; any pressurized gas; high pressure oil  and water solutions; and,
  • Any heat source may be readily converted to a driving pressurized fluid (using a binary power cycle), such as heat gained from: Geothermal wells (including operating oil and gas wells); solar thermal energy from sunlight; or stored solar thermal energy such as is provided by "solar ponds"; or by heat provided by the combustion and /or chemical reactions of synfuels or bio-fuels, etc.

Ultimate Free Piston is pleased to announce that it has been accepted by the University of Texas in Austin's Longhorn Energy Club to be part of its Energy Competition on the 18th of February 2015.







You may register for the entire four days or for an individual day, such as the 18th in order to attend the Energy Competition.











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